Pappas Rimfire Products J&J Slide & Parallel Noodle

There's been some confusion regarding the proper names of these products.
Most people refer to them as "Long Slides" or "Short Slides." Some folks call them "Noodles" regardless of length.
For the record, the long one is the "Parallel Noodle" and the short one is called the "J&J Slide."
(Also for the record, the Parallel Noodle was designed by James Pappas and the J&J Slide was designed by Joe Youngblood.)

Both items thread onto your barrel tuner and feature adjustable sliding rings to minimize vibration.
Available in natural ($135.00) or black anodized ($160.00) finishes. Shipping is included within the US.

James has noticed that some rifles are shooting better with thicker rubber washers. If you already own a Parallel Noodle or J&J Slide that shipped with the thin rubber washers, James can send you a set of thick (1/8") washers for $5.00, postage paid.

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Pappas Rimfire Products Parallel Noodle - 9 1/4" long



Pappas Rimfire Products J&J Slide - 6 1/4" long

JJ Slide short


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purple noodle


Click here for J&J Slide Tuning Tips




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